Introductions and Intentions

Introductions and Intentions

We're Bear Buggy®. As the consumer-facing retail side of the RGU Group, we're doing what we've always been doing: providing the highest quality plush to our customers. But we realize that while we're familiar with this — we've been doing it since 1992 — not everyone is. Hop in the buggy with us and learn about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. 

As we mentioned above, we’re the retail side of the RGU Group. What’s that mean? The RGU Group, founded in 1992, is a boutique designer, importer, and wholesale supplier of souvenir goods. Since RGU is a wholesaler, its customers are generally airport, hotel, and resort retailers. Over the past few years, though, we saw personalization as a growing market trend — a trend that we knew we could execute better and more fully than anyone else. With that intention, Bear Buggy® was formed in 2014 as an in-house retailer for RGU-manufactured plush.

Bear Buggy® is a small team of less than 10 employees! We have an operations manager, Michael; controller, Deborah, production manager, Cody; graphic designer, Jordan, digital media creator and editor, Connor: me! Of course, we also have several warehouse and production assistants who help process and fulfill orders. 

We’ve touched a bit on who we are — but what do we do? Without going too into the weeds, we've changed the customization game. We sell stuffed animals as well as exclusively designed patterned teddy bears that are not only lovingly made, but lovingly sold. We put just as much of ourselves into creating one piece as we do 10 pieces as we do 100 pieces. And our animals are versatile, at that! They can be customized for a birthday, wedding, holiday, party favors, or any other event or occasion. Since we effectively cut out the middle-man, we can provide our high-quality personalized plush faster, more efficiently, and less expensively than traditional retailers. Those savings, of course, are then passed on to our customers.

We’re family-owned, family-run, and family-oriented. We want the best for our customers and communities and will go to any length to achieve a means to that end.

We are a socially conscious company. We embody this not only in what we do  like partner with and contribute to organizations like the Matthew Shepard Foundation  but also why we do it: out of a profound love for all. We embrace humans from all different backgrounds, cultures, identities, ages, and every other division that is often used to separate. We hope to bring people together, even if for a moment, even if with just a teddy bear.